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FAQ: If you’ve been accused

Where can I go for information and help if I’ve been accused of sexual violence?

You can speak to your campus respondent services coordinator, who is a trained individual who can help you understand your rights, explain the investigation and adjudication process, and refer you to campus and community resources that you may need.

Find your campus respondent services coordinator.

What services does the respondent services coordinator provide?

The respondent services coordinator can:

  • Help you understand your rights
  • Explain and help you navigate the investigation and adjudication process
  • Refer you to campus and community resources for psychological counseling, legal services, alternative housing, academic changes and other needs
  • Assist with securing an interpreter or translator, if needed

Will the respondent services coordinator keep what I tell them confidential?

As a general practice, respondent services coordinators will request written consent from you before sharing personally identifiable information that you’ve provided.

Respondent services coordinators are not required by state or federal law to keep information confidential. If the university receives a court order to provide information, the respondent services coordinator will be legally required to disclose it. In this scenario, the coordinator will try to inform you that information will be disclosed beforehand, if possible.

If I’ve been accused, what are my rights?

You have the right to due process, meaning you have the right to be notified of the allegations and an opportunity to respond to them. You also have the right to understand the university’s investigation and adjudication process. Your campus respondent services coordinator can explain your rights to you and refer you to campus and community resources you may need, such as for alternative housing and academic changes.

Should I hire an attorney?

Hiring an attorney is a personal decision. The respondent services coordinator can refer you to legal services that may be available to help you better understand your options.

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