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If you choose not to report

If you decide not to file a formal report, UC resources are still available to you for counseling, housing, academic support and other needs.

If you are a student, your campus CARE advocate can provide immediate confidential support, explain the campus resources available and help you access the ones you want.

Here are some examples of the support services offered:

  • Emotional support, including crisis intervention, long-term counseling, support groups and other resources on and off campus.
  • Academic support, including changing your academic class schedule and switching course sections.
  • Health care, such as a medical exam and help with other needs at campus health and counseling centers.
  • Housing, such as helping you obtain temporary housing or new housing.
  • Personal safety: You can consult with university police to obtain information about personal safety, and to understand your rights to physical protection, including restraining orders or a safety escort on campus at night.

If you are a faculty member, other academic appointee or staff member, you can talk one-on-one with the confidential trained staff on your campus, who can provide support and connect you with other resources.

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